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This comes as part of a bilateral agreement between the US and Egyptian governments to develop the Sinai Peninsula.

The trucks were fitted with an assortment of applications for use in water and wastewater management across the peninsula. Of such applications, the featured included, 10 vacuum tanks, 1 tractor head, 1 combined unit (vacuum + jetting), 1 catch basin, and 2 flooding units.

Egypt often experiences bursts of seasonal flooding, especially in rural areas where there is poorly constructed waste infrastructure. Recent efforts from both governmental and private agencies have intensified to find a permanent solution to the problem; nonetheless, these trucks remain a crucial aspect for use until further notice or in cases of emergencies.

Freightliner trucks are well-versed for their ability to perform heavy-duty applications for extended periods of time, even when idle, thereby making them the perfect choice for wastewater solutions. Moreover, each truck is custom made according to the needs of our customers, making them suitable for a wide range of industry applications.

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