People with Disabilities

Triangle Group believes that if people with disabilities are provided with adequate training and rehabilitation services, care and equal opportunities, they will be able to engage productively alongside the rest of the community. In this direction, Triangle Group’s recruitment strategy emphasizes the hiring of a workforce that reflects such perspective. The primary goal is to avail decent job opportunities for people with special needs.

At present, the Group’s hiring process aims at realizing the concept of inclusion and diversity, and opens channels for recruitment of individuals with disabilities in roles where they can excel. The careful recruiting and interviewing process has helped Triangle find qualified candidates with disabilities to work in various suitable positions among its companies.


Our annual internship programs develop talent for prosperous and meaningful careers while providing access to senior leaders throughout most of our Group companies.

We place the same value on intern growth as we do on employee development, so we provide our future team members with experiences that are as encouraging and empowering.

A passionate team of mentors will be honored to give under-graduate interns hands-on training across multi-functions in our Group companies. Not only that, but we are also more than happy to listen to their innovative ideas.

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