Triangle Advanced Technologies and its esteemed subsidiaries epitomizes a legacy of expertise, encompassing extensive experience within the technology and development realm.

Collaborating with global leaders, our subsidiaries form an indomitable alliance, dedicated to delivering groundbreaking projects in the scope of Aviation and Aircraft, Advanced Engineering and Technologies, Maritime and Transportation, Facility Management and Logistics Services.

Our unswerving commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to redefine industry paradigms in the region and set unparalleled standards of achievement.

Triangle Trading & Engineering

Triangle Trading and Engineering stands as a living embodiment of a legacy steeped in expertise, embodying an extensive wealth of experience within the development domain. Our collaborative ventures with global leaders culminate in an unwavering alliance, resolutely committed to pioneering unconventional endeavors in the fields of Aviation, Aircraft, Advanced Engineering, as well as Maritime and Transportation.

At the core of our identity lies an unyielding dedication to innovation and excellence, propelling us to redefine industry norms within the region and establish unprecedented benchmarks of accomplishment.

Advanced Technologies

Our Advanced Technologies Division provides an intricate tapestry of bespoke services that are meticulously tailored to address the distinctive demands of the markets we serve.

With precision and purpose, we navigate through the domains of Airports, Aircraft, Navigation, and Surveillance, converging expertise to create a comprehensive solution matrix that caters to the full spectrum of client needs. Empowered by strategic collaborations, we possess the intrinsic capability to oversee multifaceted projects, consistently unveiling innovative solutions that seamlessly adapt to the ever-evolving requirements of our esteemed clientele. Here, innovation and precision converge to redefine engineering excellence, setting new benchmarks for industry standards.


Our Transportation Division manifests a commitment to delivering excellence to both principals and clients alike. Here, high-quality services, including supply, installation, and maintenance, take center stage.

With an unwavering resolve to meet the diverse demands and specifications of the market, the division has forged strategic partnerships with a global network of manufacturers and service providers. This strategic collaboration serves as the bedrock upon which we offer a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring our clients are well-equipped to attain their transportation aspirations. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who ardently dedicate themselves to providing innovative solutions and delivering excellence within the transportation sector.

Our service array spans an intricately tailored array of offerings, embracing Railway Engineering and consultancy services, Railway Construction, Rolling Stock and Special Vehicles, and Railway Systems and Depot Equipment.

This holistic approach underscores our commitment to addressing the full spectrum of client needs, empowered by strategic collaborations that consistently facilitate the delivery of innovative solutions aligned with the evolving requirements of our esteemed clients.


Our Maritime Division – a realm characterized by collaborative relationships that birth innovative solutions for the maritime industry. Our service offerings within this division mirror a meticulous tailoring to cater to the nuanced demands of the markets we serve.

Our core areas of focus encompass the Development of ports and harbors, a strategic endeavor aimed at heightening operational efficiency; Management of port operations, ensuring the seamless flow of day-to-day activities; Provision of vital dredging and reclamation services, instrumental in shaping new land masses and maintaining navigational depths within harbors; and the proficient Engineering and Construction of marine infrastructure projects, an undertaking that encompasses the intricate design of breakwaters and jetties.

This is a realm where collaborative synergy paves the way for transformative innovation, and our services serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to enhancing maritime excellence.

TAQNIA for Smart Solutions

TAQNIA is a corporation built upon the collective wealth of experience and expertise of its founders, spanning various industries in Egypt and the broader region. The company is dedicated to bringing forth cutting-edge innovation, with a strong focus on Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence and their potential to transform different sectors.

The foundation of TAQNIA is rooted in strategic collaborations and partnerships with renowned global technological solution providers, allowing us to effectively meet the evolving needs of our valued clientele. At TAQNIA, our range of services includes expert consultation, advanced training, customized technological solutions, and technical support.

Discover the future with TAQNIA, where technological creativity meets practical application, enabling your enterprise to reach new heights.

Expert Consultation

We offer insightful guidance driven by seasoned professionals, ensuring that your business decisions are fortified by a wealth of knowledge and industry acumen.

Advanced Training

Elevate your workforce through specialized training programs curated to harness the power of the latest technological advancements.

Tailored Solutions

Recognizing the uniqueness of every business, we craft bespoke solutions that align precisely with your needs, propelling your organization towards unprecedented growth.

Technical Support

Our dedicated technical support team stands ready to assist you at every juncture, ensuring your operations remain seamless and uninterrupted.

Experience the future with TAQNIA – where technological ingenuity converges with practical application, empowering your enterprise to ascend to greater heights.

Triangle Facility Management

Triangle Facility Management (TFM) originated with the vision of addressing the intricate demands of day-to-day facility management. Over the years, TFM has transcended this foundational objective, emerging as a robust and multifaceted service provider across various sectors. This evolution has propelled TFM into a position of prominence, recognized as a trailblazer in offering holistic solutions encompassing facility management, manpower provisioning, and a comprehensive spectrum of logistical services, both on a local and global scale.

At TFM, unwavering dedication to the highest echelons of international standards remains paramount. This commitment is underpinned by an unrelenting pursuit of quality assurance and unwavering innovation. As the distinguished arm of Triangle Group specializing in manpower solutions, TFM’s distinctive competence lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate highly qualified and seasoned professionals into its clients’ projects, bestowing unparalleled value and expertise to each endeavor undertaken.

Our expansive array of services comprises an intricate tapestry of offerings, encompassing commercial, industrial, and domestic facilities management. Additionally, our capabilities extend to encompass mobility and transportation services, meticulous materials procurement and management, resourceful recovery and recycling of products and containers, and the seamless orchestration of warehousing and distribution services.

However, our commitment doesn’t merely stop at providing exceptional services; it extends to building enduring partnerships with our clients, guided by integrity, efficiency, and the pursuit of excellence.

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Triangle Heavy Equipment
TAQNIA for Smart Solutions LLC