Triangle Energy and its esteemed subsidiaries hold a commanding presence in the energy sector, leveraging their expertise to drive impactful projects and services both on local and regional fronts. Our unwavering commitment to the most exacting industry standards is at the core of our ethos, setting the stage for excellence and innovation across every facet of our operations.

Bourbon Offshore Triangle (BOT)

Bourbon Offshore Triangle (BOT), a joint venture between Triangle Group and Bourbon Offshore (France), operates a fleet of around 300 vessels across 50+ countries. BOT serves diverse client needs through the following offerings:

Marine and Logistics Services

Delivering top-notch solutions to key players in the oil sector across continental, shallow, and deep offshore realms.

Passenger Mobility

Bourbon provides rapid, light cargo transportation for offshore Oil & Gas clients, catering to both short and long distances.

Subsea Services

Bourbon Subsea Services excels in handling intricate challenges tied to offshore subsea activities.

Triangle International Energy Projects (TIEP)

As a premier regional player in the energy sector, TIEP draws on the wealth of knowledge possessed by our highly trained and certified staff, accumulating over 40 years of diversified experience. Our professionals provide an invaluable blend of industrial and technical expertise, particularly in addressing challenging, high-stakes projects and assignments. Through collaborative partnerships, TIEP offers integrated solutions and unwavering support across Oil & Gas projects, Renewable Energy and Green Fuels, Cross Countries Power Inter-connectors, Shipping and Trading of LNG, Crude oil and Petroleum Products, Engineering Services, Wide range of equipment supply, Water Desalination, and Wastewater treatment. With a commitment to excellence, we provide end-to-end support throughout every project phase, ensuring seamless execution from inception to completion.

Onspec Engineering and Contracting (OTEC)

Onspec Engineering & Contracting is a leading EPC firm in the oil, gas, petrochemical and renewable energy markets; delivering fully integrated projects and services. With over 20 years’ experience, Onspec provides comprehensive consulting, turnkey solutions, EPC projects; engineering, procurement & construction, project management, equipment supply, training services, software and tools.

We are leading the market in the digital transformation (Digitization) within the sector not only in Egypt but covering the whole MENA region.

Onspec is different because we excel at our core competencies, focus on them and commit ourselves to delivering a high-quality service in complete alignment with our clients’ objectives.

Each of our 200 employees who executed more than 300 projects ranging from conceptual design up to EPC work and supply of full package equipment, is motivated by a commitment to our customers’ success, as well as a culture of outstanding execution, strategic innovation, and challenging industry norms.

Our objective is to make a genuine difference in the energy business, and our company strategy always focuses on achieving that goal.

Our purpose is to improve our clients’ project economics, enhance performance and reduce emissions.

We are simply Committed to Excellence.

Triangle Oilfield Services (TOFS)

Committed to upholding industry integrity, TOFS plays a vital role in the oil and gas sector in Egypt, offering a range of inspection services to ensure equipment used in oilfield operations functions properly and adheres to industry standards. These services span Tubing, Sucker Rods, Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), and Rigs, ensuring equipment safety and reliability. TOFS’s expertise extends to the construction of threaded flow lines, essential components of oil and gas production, ensuring longevity and safety. Additionally, TOFS provides lifting plan and inspection services to prevent dropped objects, contributing significantly to personnel safety and equipment protection. TOFS also offers high-quality flush services such as tank cleaning, testing, and pressure testing, crucial for maintaining tank integrity and functionality. TOFS commitment to excellence is combined with a steadfast adherence to the highest industry standards, distinguishes itself as formidable leaders in the oilfield sector.

Kuiper Triangle Egypt (KTE)

Kuiper Triangle Egypt serves as a pivotal player in the regional landscape, offering a comprehensive array of fully integrated solutions for human resources, recruitment, and outsourcing within the energy sector. Renowned for our exceptional history of contributing to major projects and corporations in the area, we’ve fostered connections that span years, uniting individuals with energy ventures throughout the vicinity.

Our central objective revolves around delivering unparalleled recruitment, selection, and crewing services that cater to the energy sector’s intricate supply chain. The cornerstone of our achievements lies in the caliber of our services, our unwavering ethics, and an unwavering dedication to meeting expectations. The breadth of our geographical reach empowers us to blend localized insights with worldwide excellence standards. In an adaptive and forward-thinking manner, we engage as collaborative partners with both clients and candidates, enabling us to pioneer breakthroughs in emerging sectors and unexplored territories.

Nurturing one of the industry’s most expansive databases, we boast an extensive roster of active local and expatriate specialists, encompassing the entire spectrum of generalist and specialized personnel across energy disciplines and supply chain domains. Our purview extends across the expanse of oil and gas, offshore construction, drilling, subsea operations, marine activities, maintenance tasks, as well as hook-up and commissioning.

Onspec Engineering and Contracting
Triangle Heavy Equipment
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