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We are committed to empowering growth through the embrace of diversity and the continuous advancement of innovative cutting-edge technology.

About Triangle EPC sector

Triangle EPC and its esteemed subsidiaries hold more than three decades of experience delivering complex and logistically challenging projects. We offer a complete spectrum of engineering, procurement, and construction services for our projects. Besides, we fully integrate technology to ensure high level of accuracy and attention to details during construction, keep our clients informed and enable them to make effective decisions.

The scale and scope of our projects involves close collaboration between multiple disciplines. Our team addresses extreme conditions and threats to achieve higher levels of performance and life safety, and reduce construction and operating costs.

Our experience can be reflected in landmark projects in the countries of operation, we developed top quality turnkey projects allowing it to develop long term trusting relationships with a diverse group of clients from private and public sectors and this was all achieved through: Clear Strategic Vision, Vast Experience, our Professional Team and Partners.

Gama Construction
Gama Infrastructure
Gama Building Materials
Triangle Innovative Solutions
Tritech Advanced Solutions
Tritech P.S & Trading Free Zone

About Triangle Energy sector

Triangle Energy and its esteemed subsidiaries hold a commanding presence in the energy sector, leveraging their expertise to drive impactful projects and services both on local and regional fronts. Our unwavering commitment to the most exacting industry standards is at the core of our ethos, setting the stage for excellence and innovation across every facet of our operations.

Bourbon Offshore Triangle
Triangle International Energy Projects
Onspec Engineering & Contracting
Triangle Oilfield Services
Kuiper Triangle Egypt

About Triangle Automotive & Heavy Equipment sector

Triangle Automotive & Heavy Equipment and its esteemed subsidiaries hold experience a curated assortment of top-tier vehicles and cutting-edge equipment machinery sourced from around the globe. Our unyielding dedication to providing comprehensive operational solutions is firmly rooted in our unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and exceeding customer expectations. Across our horizons, our subsidiary, Triangle International Heavy Equipment (TIHE), extends our specialized prowess across the region, operating from its strategic base in the U.A.E. This strategic expansion enhances accessibility to our premium offerings and unparalleled services.

Triangle Heavy Equipment
Triangle International Heavy Equipment

About Triangle Advanced Technologies sector

Triangle Advanced Technologies and its esteemed subsidiaries epitomizes a legacy of expertise, encompassing extensive experience within the technology and development realm.

Collaborating with global leaders, our subsidiaries form an indomitable alliance, dedicated to delivering groundbreaking projects in the arenas of Aviation and Aircraft, Advanced Engineering and Technologies, Maritime and Transportation, Facility Management and Logistics Services. Our unswerving commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to redefine industry paradigms in the region and set unparalleled standards of achievement.

Triangle Trading & Engineering
Triangle Facility Management

About Triangle Investment sector

Triangle Investment holds a portfolio that extends its reach to encompass strategic opportunities both domestically and on the global stage, with a focus on prominent sectors such as Technology and Energy. Our commitment to diversification and growth fuels our engagement in these ventures, contributing to a robust and dynamic investment landscape.

Raya Holding
Egyptian Refining Company

Historical background

Triangle Group stands as a privately held, multi-industry conglomerate with an illustrious history deeply rooted in Egypt’s heritage. Established in 1810, our legacy has flourished, evolving to encompass a diverse spectrum of sectors that includes Manufacturing, FMCG, Aviation & Aircraft, Maritime, Transportation, Technology, Power & Water, Facility Management, Energy, Auto & Heavy Equipment, Engineering, Procurement & Construction.

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