Emerging from local origins, we have ascended to a paramount global presence that stands as a testament to our resolute dedication and visionary approach. Our journey has crossed borders, leaving a lasting impact in vital markets worldwide. With strategic presence in Iraq, Libya, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon, and Cyprus, our influence spans far and wide.

Market diversification lets us utilize our strengths, expertise, and resources while exploring new growth avenues. It allows us to capitalize on emerging trends, technology, and evolving client preferences. By expanding our offerings, we attract a broader client base and foster innovation across different business lines.

Our expansion reflects our commitment to adapting to diverse cultures and contexts, enhancing resilience during economic challenges. This approach spreads our activities across various sectors, helping us navigate market fluctuations and seize opportunities in different industries.

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Triangle Group boasts an extensive portfolio of successfully executed projects. Throughout its journey, Triangle has accomplished over 1000 projects, with a primary emphasis on large-scale endeavors in EPC, energy, automotive & heavy equipment, as well as cutting-edge technology and development.
Triangle Group journey of transformation has transcended borders, leaving an enduring imprint on crucial global markets. Through strategic presence in Iraq, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon, and Cyprus, our impact resonates extensively.
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