A career at Triangle Group stands as a distinctive opportunity, one that transcends conventional roles. Here, you won’t merely undertake challenges – you’ll be invigorated. You won’t just find inspiration – you’ll become a wellspring of it. Most importantly, you’ll experience profound pride, for every role within our ranks contributes to something monumental.

From its inception, Triangle Group has recognized a pivotal truth: true success is cultivated through a culture that revolves around people. People are the beating heart of our organization, and our commitment to them is unwavering. In the ever-evolving landscape of business, it is the human assets that wield the greatest influence – assets that are dynamic, adaptable, and capable of propelling us forward.

Satisfaction, unwavering motivation, and loyalty form the bedrock of Triangle Group’s foundation. Our environment is more than just a workspace; it’s a thriving ecosystem where support and camaraderie flourish. In this habitat, recognition and commendation aren’t mere gestures – they’re fundamental pillars that shape our positive work culture.

Triangle Group is dedicated to nurturing its most prized asset: its people. We provide avenues for growth and development, a testament to our commitment to unleashing talents and harnessing potentials. Our aim is to achieve a symbiotic victory, where the organization flourishes alongside its employees. Your journey at Triangle is not just a job – it’s an opportunity to join a community that values your growth, thrives on your contribution, and champions your aspirations.

Hiring Process

Our hiring process follows the below sequence:

Once a vacancy is announced, suitable candidates can place their CVs. applications are considered one of the selection tools, helping our recruiters sort candidates as qualified or unqualified.

Our recruiters go through each and every application received. This step aims at identifying suitable candidates and disqualifying unfit ones based on how much they match with the needed specifications.

At this point, our recruiters will start calling suitable candidates to ascertain that they are qualified to the job and ensure their interest in the vacancy before calling them for an interview.

Promising candidates will then pass an assessment test to test their personality, IQ, and other skills needed for the job (e.g. language proficiency, computer skills….etc.)

After having assessed the capabilities and skills of candidates, a shortlist is prepared for a face-to-face interview. There will usually be an HR interview, followed by a technical interview with the hiring manager. The HR interview will focus on the behavioral, situational and soft skills perspective; whereas the technical interview is mainly concerned with the role perspective and previous experiences.

Once a suitable candidate is selected, a series of background checks are conducted. This will cover health and criminal record checks, verification of educational certificates, proof of package…etc.

Reference checks are the final stage of selection. Successful candidate will provide a number of contact details of previous employers who would be able to give a feedback regarding the candidate’s performance and personal attitude.

When all checks conducted prove positive, a decision is taken to hire the candidate. At this point a verbal information is given to the selected candidate, followed by a written job offer. The offer will state the job title, reporting line, employment terms, salary and benefits. The candidate will receive the written offer and sign for acceptance.

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