Triangle Investment holds a portfolio that extends its reach to encompass strategic opportunities both domestically and on the global stage, with a focus on prominent sectors such as Technology and Energy. Our commitment to diversification and growth fuels our engagement in these ventures, contributing to a robust and dynamic investment landscape.

Our investment portfolio includes;

Raya Holding – Co-founder and Shareholders

Raya Holding, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, is a globally-reaching investment conglomerate overseeing a diverse portfolio of eleven emerging business lines. Its operations span various sectors, including technology, data centers, contact centers, smart buildings, consumer electronics, food and beverage, transport, E-payments, and financial services. Raya Holding’s shares have been traded on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) since 2005, supported by a skilled workforce of over 15,000 professionals. With offices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Poland, and Nigeria, the company caters to an extensive international clientele, showcasing its commitment to delivering excellence worldwide.

Egyptian Refinery Company – Shareholders

Established in 2007 in accordance with Law 8/1997, the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC) was conceived with the primary objective of meeting the burgeoning demand within the Egyptian market for superior-grade petroleum products. ERC represents a significant enhancement to the preexisting Cairo Oil Refinery Company (CORC), situated in Mostorod. The significance of this initiative lies in its profound impact, notably in alleviating Egypt’s reliance on imported high-quality petroleum products while concurrently promoting the production of environmentally cleaner, low-sulfur fuels. This strategic endeavor assumes heightened importance, given that a substantial proportion of Egypt’s existing refineries predominantly yield fuel oil.

Onspec Engineering and Contracting
Triangle Heavy Equipment
TAQNIA for Smart Solutions LLC