Historical background

Triangle Group stands as a privately held, multi-industry conglomerate with an illustrious history deeply rooted in Egypt’s heritage. Established in 1810, our legacy has flourished, evolving to encompass a diverse spectrum of sectors that includes Manufacturing, FMCG, Aviation & Aircraft, Maritime, Transportation, Technology, Power & Water, Facility Management, Energy, Auto & Heavy Equipment, Engineering, Procurement & Construction.

Our influence extends not only across Egypt but also spans 7 other nations within the region, establishing Triangle Group as a stalwart ally to both governments and private entities alike. With an esteemed reputation as a reliable partner, we’ve earned the distinction of being a go-to resource for innovative business solutions that drive growth.

Across the expanse of time, Triangle Group has meticulously constructed a solid foundation of quality and trustworthiness. Our growth trajectory has been marked by dynamic collaborations, notably nurturing and birthing major corporations and embarking on transformative ventures alongside renowned international counterparts.

At the core of our journey lies a dynamic corporate strategy that fuels our enduring success. Through foundation of unique business models, strategic acquisitions of promising firms and visionary partnerships with industry giants, we empower untapped potential and amplify achievements. By empowering our strategy, we transcend traditional limits, leading a transformation that shapes industries and sets new benchmarks for exponential growth and achievement.

At Triangle Group, our rich heritage and forward-looking vision converge, propel us ever forward in our pursuit of excellence and innovation.


Incorporating sustainability practices within Triangle is not just a choice, but a commitment to responsible business operations. By embracing sustainable principles, we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint, optimizing resource usage, and fostering a positive social impact. Through the implementation of eco-friendly practices, reduction of waste, and mindful procurement, we aim to contribute to a greener future while ensuring long-term profitability. Our focus on sustainability is not only a testament to our corporate responsibility, but also a testament to our dedication to innovation and progress in line with our environmental goals.

Core values


We rely on, support, and challenge each other. We collaborate, aid each other’s learning, and have pride in our work.


We are committed to encouraging new ideas and solutions that tackle conventional problems through unconventional means, ushering in smarter strategies to accomplish our goals.


We seek to add value, not only to our bottom line, but also in the interest of all our stakeholders, communities, and ecosystem. We take pride in our commitment to doing good while doing business.


We nourish the diversity of our business offerings, through our diverse workforce enabling us to understand, empathize and better serve our clients and our greater society. We leverage the power of our diversities to move us forward in every aspect of our business.


We recognize that the thoughts, feelings, and backgrounds of others are as important as our own.


Integrity is the fuel by which we run our team and business.

We are proud to share our company profile which tells the story of how we started, how we grew, and how we diversified our business sectors and companies. You will also learn about our achievements.

Whether you are a partner, an investor, or a potential employee, we invite you to explore it and discover what makes us unique.

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