Who We Are

We are a privately held multi-Industry and multi-geography group of companies operating in Egypt & MENA since 1810 across a diversified portfolio of industries focusing on: Technology, Aviation, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Renewables, Transportation, Power & Water, Heavy Equipment, Engineering & Construction, and Facility Management.

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Business Lines

We are organized across several verticals as follows:

  • Engineering & Construction
  • Energy
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Technology & Services
  • Investments

Our Companies

Over the years, we have built a deep and successful track record with governmental and private entities/stakeholders as their trusted and reliable partner.


Currently, Triangle Group's various divisions and subsidiaries operate in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Qatar, Lebanon, and Cyprus.

Triangle Group Footprint

Information shown on this map is compiled from numerous sources and may not be complete or accurate. This map is just used for informational purposes.