Raya Holding was established as a result of a merger of seven companies that became one of Egypt’s first national entities that addresses the large gap between multinationals and local SMEs, following in its initial strategy of diversifying into IT and IT-related activities. However, its rapid diversification into a number of business lines led it to maintain three key activities, which are: Information Technology, Telecommunications and Retail & Distribution.

In 2003, Raya began pursuing an aggressive international expansion with the establishment of Raya Gulf, Raya Saudi, Raya USA, and Raya Algeria.

Following in its tradition of growth, Raya Holding became a publicly traded company on the Egyptian Stock Market in May 2005, allowing to finance even more local and regional expansion projects.

By 2008, Raya entered the smart buildings market, leveraging on its strong IT expertise in smart buildings, and continued its diversification into the transport and the recycling industries, through establishing Ostool, a land and river transport company, and Bariq, a plastic recycling and re-manufacturing company.