OnSpec Tawakol (OTEC) has been a major player in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets for over 40 years, serving the Oil & Gas industry through its rapidly growing multidisciplinary expertise in engineering, procurement, contracting and consultancy, providing support to the energy industry through its diverse range of engineering solutions.

OTEC provides software solutions to the industry with a focus on Oil & Gas production, refining, power and energy utilities to enhance the quality of production data and to acquire a better understanding of process operation and performance.

OTEC offer offsite procurement outsourcing solutions and contract management to reduce overall costs, allowing its clients to focus on their core competencies. It also compliments and integrates with existing contracts and procurement teams and provides supply chain consultancy and expert professional advisory services that helps clients to identify ways to unlock savings and improve performance.

OTEC’s key competencies are focused in its highly qualified staff and competitively priced services offering, with a staff with proven track records in working closely with many regional and international corporations, backed up by OTEC’s impeccable track record in servicing its clients.

OTEC’s core competencies are focused in:

1) Engineering
2) Procurement and Contracting
3) Modeling and Simulation
4) Software Packages
5) Training Services/Consultancy