Triangle Group’s Infrastructure Division is heavily involved in some of Egypt’s largest national and private projects to date. The Infrastructure Division includes three subdivisions, which are:

1. Triangle Irrigation and Water Resources – Construction of barrages and maintenance of existing ones, water resource management and large scale irrigation projects.
2. Triangle Ports – Capital and maintenance dredging works, consultancy and engineering services, maritime safety and marine construction works.
3. Triangle Water and Wastewater/Tunnels - Established as recently as 2010. Since it’s establishment, it has managed to develop business ties with local stakeholders by leveraging on Triangle Group’s already established ties with government and private sector players. The Division operates mainly in the construction of water and waste water projects and tunnels, through representing international service providers of tunnel boring machines and security systems.  

Utilizing the collective resources of its subdivisions, Triangle Group’s Infrastructure Division acts, on the one hand, as a representative to some of the world’s leading service providers, consultants and contractors, and on the other hand, maintains constant lines of communication and coordinates with Egypt’s various ministries and their respective authorities to identify and initiate new projects, positioning itself as a key player in creating partnerships between local and international organizations.

The Infrastructure Division boasts a track record of success, with mega national projects that include dredging works for the new Suez Canal Project, the ongoing development, planning and construction of the Suez Canal Zone, the construction of the 1200m Key Wall in East Portsaid (part of the Suez Canal Container Terminal). The Infrastructure Division also has a number of projects in the pipeline in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurgadah and Alexandria.