• Mohamed El Tawil – Chairman, Triangle Group +

    El Tawil is the founder and Chairman of Triangle Group, which operates in the fields of distribution, aviation services, energy equipment and services, telecom and IT services. He is the head of the El Tawil family, one of the oldest industrial families in Egypt. In 1801, the family established a successful leather tanning business, which remained active until its nationalization in 1960, which led to El Tawil to embark on the establishment of his private business in 1969. Mohamed El Tawil holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Cairo University, and an Honors B.Sc. from Leeds University in England. Besides business and out of his faith in the importance of responsibility towards one’s own community, El Tawil has recently established “Mohamed Ahmed El Tawil Foundation for Sustainable Development”.
  • Ahmed El Tawil – Vice Chairman, Triangle Group +

    El Tawil capitalized on his ability to forecast opportunity, set strategy and oversee execution, he returned to Egypt in 1985 to establish Triangle Aviation, Triangle Energy and Triangle Transportation and developed them into premier companies in Egypt in their respective fields. Ahmed also established several Triangle companies in the fields of information technology and telecommunication. He successfully completed the merger of these corporate entities into Raya Holding, the largest Egyptian company operating in IT and telecommunications today. El Tawil holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from California State University and a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Cornell University. He is also a member of  the Board of Trustees of “Mohamed El Tawil Foundation for Sustainable Development”.
  • Amr El Tawil – Chief Executive Officer, Triangle Group +

    El Tawil returned to Egypt from the United States in 1993, after obtaining his Master of Science in Construction Management and gaining experience in the real estate development field. He proceeded to expand the family business, Triangle Holding, into the fields of real estate development, utilities, oil and gas, heavy equipment and trucks distribution. Currently, he is the CEO of Triangle Group and heads up the international expansion of the group into the region. Today, he has established himself as a business entrepreneur with close links to the market. On the other hand, he is also a member of  the Board of Trustees of “Mohamed El Tawil Foundation for Sustainable Development”.
  • Ahmed Hamdan – Chief Executive Officer, OnSpec Tawakol Engineering and Contracting (OTEC) +

    Hamdan is the CEO and cofounder of OTEC, a multidisciplinary engineering, procurement, contracting and consultancy firm supporting the energy sector in the MENA region. Hamdan’s 19 years of experience are primarily focused in the Oil & Gas sector and business management. He is one of the pioneers and experts in the engineering and energy fields, in which he started his professional career with Aspen Tech prior to to moving to Shell Egypt. In 2005, Hamdan cofounded OTEC, a firm providing engineering software and solutions that became the springboard to wider disciplines disciplines, business lines and manpower in the past ten years. Hamdan holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the American University in Cairo.
  • Assem Taysseer – Chief Executive Officer, TQC Projects +

    Tayseer is a global executive with an experience of more than 15 years. Throughout his career he has gained experience in  the Middle East, Europe and the US. He joined Triangle in 2003 in the area of business development activities, with a focus on oil and gas projects and services, telecom services, and infrastructure and construction projects. At present Assem is the CEO of Triangle Qatar Connect Projects (TQC). He is a graduate of Computer Science Engineering, and holds an MBA in International Business.
  • Ayman Saad Moharam – Vice Chairman for Projects, Gama For Trading and Contracting +

    Moharam is the founder of Gama Trading and Contracting in Alexandria in 1991, and has dedicated his efforts since then to the highest quality services to his clients. Gama has obtained ISO 9001:2008, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 & Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 certificates. Moharam holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Alexandria University.
  • Hossam Eddin Mostafa – Managing Director, Tricom Controls +

    Mostafa has over 24 years experience in the industrial process automation field. He gained and developed his expertise through working with several reputable local, regional and international companies such as Foxboro, ABB, Invensys, Yokogawa and Siemens. He is also a co-founder of Tricom Controls. Over the past ten years, Mostafa managed the company to provide total electrical and automation integrated solutions with a focus on adding value to all major customers in Egypt and the region. He holds a  B.Sc. of Electronics and Communication from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University and a Master of Business Administration from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology - Advanced Management Institute.
  • Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim – Chief Executive Officer, Triangle Energy Investments +

    Ibrahim Ahmed is the Chief Executive Officer at Triangle Energy Investments, a subsidiary of Triangle Group . He is responsible to  promote Oil and  Gas along with  Petrochemical investments in Egypt and Middle East. Mr. Ibrahim is responsible for overseeing overall business in Egypt and Middle East. He has over 40 years of oil and gas experience.  Mr. Ibrahim has served as the Deputy Chairman for state owned company ,  EGAS.. He was Chairman &Managing Director of Pharaonic Petroleum Company  . Prior to that he worked as  Vice Chairman for EGPC Projects and planning. Ibrahim worked in UAE as  senior engineer in ADGAS and Senior Adviser for ADNOC Gas Processing Directorate.
  • Karim Shawky– CEO, Triangle Heavy Equipment +

    Karim Shawky is an expert in driving organizational improvement and growth support due to his strong background in Marketing. Throughout his career, Karim has designed marketing plans, explored marketing possibilities, managed projects and much more. With expertise in various industries, Karim has moved from Assistant Sector Manager at ARCO for Advanced Systems and Equipment to several positions at EIM Bus Travel to finally CEO and Director of Alkan Air. Karim is currently the General Manager of Triangle Heavy Equipment.
  • Khaled Abdel Badie – Chief Onshore Officer & Steering Committee Member +

    Since his graduation in 1981 from Suez Canal University in the field of Oil Refining, Khaled began his professional career in the Egyptian petroleum companies. In 1981 he joined the Operations Department at GUPCO till 1998 when he left as Gas Operations Head of Department. He then joined GASCO as Operations General Manager and carried along till his retirement in 2017 as Chair/CEO. During his period of service in GASCO, Khaled was delegated to work as non-executive Chair of Egyptian LNG and Co-Chair, Chair/CEO to a number of renowned oil and gas sector companies: Car Gas, E.Styrenics, Tanmia and EGAS. His last post was Chair & CEO of MIDTAP . In 2000, Khaled was appointed in the Petroleum Minister’s Technical Bureau as Assistant Minister. In addition,  he was awarded LNG Man of the Year by CWC in 2015.  During the period 2010-2015 he was a Board Member of the Holding Electricity
  • Mohamed A. Moharram Fahmy – Chief Offshore Officer and Managing Director, Bourbon Offshore Triangle +

    Moharram has an extensive experience in the Oil & Gas field that was gained over a period of 18 years. Since he joined Triangle Group in 2002, he was assigned to manage all activities within the Offshore Division and have played a key leadership role in its expansion. Due to his dedication and unrelenting efforts, he has contributed in developing the business by ensuring our participation in major offshore projects in Egypt and the region. His professional background knowledge & education has been supported with specialized trainings and courses aligned with technical practices that have strengthened his career path. In 2006, Moharram was appointed the Managing Director of Bourbon Offshore Triangle (BOT), one of Triangle Group subsidiaries serving the Oil & Gas market in Egypt with its service vessels.
  • Mohamed A. Soliman – CEO, Triangle Facility Services/Executive Committee Member & Chief HR Office, Triangle Group +

    Soliman has over 27 years of working experience with several reputable, local, regional and international companies in a number of high level management and consultancy positions. Soliman helped more than 32 companies in developing strategies towards better performance, from developing and implementing HR and training solutions to improving organizational, operational and strategic performance. He is specialized in strategic leadership for many organizations; operating in the area  of food processing. Soliman is responsible for the Facility Management Division, in addition to Human Resources, Administration, and Security and Safety. He is an active member of AMCham, EBA, EIOD, EJB, EHRMA, MEFMA and EFDA. Moreover, he is the chairperson of Ebtikar- NGO , which works in the field of sustainable development in human capital  and member of the Board of Trustees of “Mohamed Ahmed El Tawil Foundation for Sustainable Development”.
  • Mohamed Aly – Head of Power Division, Triangle Electromechanical Projects +

    Aly has more than 15 years experience in the fields of construction and power generation in Egypt. He previously worked at PGESCo and Orascom Construction Industries, prior to joining Triangle Group in January 2014. He holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Ain Shams University and an MBA from Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands.
  • Mohamed El Attar – Chief Infrastructure Officer, Triangle Group +

    El Attar is currently in charge of Triangle Group’s Infrastructure Division. His experience includes 5 years  as Business Development Manager at Income Petroleum Services, part of the IGI Group and 5 years as Structural Engineer at McDonald Douglas, Douglas Aircraft Company, USAF C-17 Military Cargo plan. He holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Long Beach State University in California.
  • Nabil Amin – Chief Executive Officer, Triangle Oilfield Services +

    Amin has worked for more than 33 years with several multinational oilfield companies in Egypt, the Middle East, USA, Singapore, Aberdeen and Holland. He is currently the CEO of Triangle Oilfield Services, managing contracts negotiations, tenders, service operations, and business development with a focus on both cost control, margin enhancement and securing long term contracts. Nabil has been a Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) member since 1988 and holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Cairo University and a Diploma in Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry.
  • Nader Fawzy – Chief Financial Officer and Executive Committee Member, Triangle Group +

    Fawzy has more than twenty five years of financial experience gained while working with leading companies like Unilever, Daimler Chrysler and IBM.  He holds a Master’s degree in International Business from Ecole Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées in Paris, France. Nader is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of both Colorado State Board of Accountancy and the Egyptian Society of Accountants and Auditors.
  • Sherif Saeed – CEO, Transportation Division and AMAN Trading and Engineering +

    Sherif comes from a Transportation background as General Manager of an Egyptian agency firm for many reputable international companies, where he succeeded in establishing high level communications with relevant ministries and government authorities and gained experience to penetrate and grow business.  He has a proven record of market intelligence to spot opportunities, manage relations with customers, negotiate contracts and establish long term principal satisfaction. Mounting  up his career from Sales Engineer to General Manager level, Sherif becomes resourceful to colleagues, clients & principals. Sherif comes from a Transportation background as General Manager of an Egyptian agency firm for many reputable international companies, where he succeeded in establishing high level communications with relevant ministries and government authorities and gained experience to penetrate and grow business.  He has a proven record of market intelligence to spot opportunities, manage relations with customers, negotiate contracts and establish long term principal satisfaction. Mounting  up his career from Sales Engineer to General Manager level, Sherif becomes resourceful to colleagues, clients & principals.
  • Tarek Hilal – Chief Executive Officer and Business Development Director, Aviation, Maritime, Irrigation and Tunnels Projects Division +

    Hilal has been working in the aviation industry for over 25 years, where he was responsible for marketing and business development of products and services provided by first-class companies specialized in the aviation sector and represented by Triangle Group.  Being involved in multi-disciplined programs with most of the airlines and airport authorities in Egypt, Hilal was able to develop his experience, establish a wide network of contacts in the aviation sector and capitalize on both to secure major contracts and partnerships for Triangle’s principals with their clients in Egypt. Among his responsibilities is to develop the Division’s business plan and budget, ensure compliance and explore new business opportunities in Egypt and the Middle East. Hilal holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Cairo University and an MBA from the American University in Cairo.
  • Tarek Shalaby – International Business Development Director, Triangle Trading and Engineering +

    Tarek gained his professional expertise from a host of international companies where he had been working since 2002. He was the Commercial, Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Advisor at Shell both in Egypt and the Netherlands till 2010; then Senior Advisor at Pico International Petroleum till 2012 and last  Business Development Manager of Edison in Egypt and Italy. On the other hand, Tarek has acquired a sound knowledge in economics having been a part time university professor  at New York Institute of Technology in Cairo (2001-2002)  and as analyst at the Egyptian Ministry of Economy & Foreign Trade from 1999 to 2002, in addition  to his international exposure being an intern in the World Bank (1997) and the Egyptian Commercial Office in USA (1997-1998). Tarek is holding a BA of International Studies (1996) and  MA of International Transactions (1998) from George Mason University, Virginia.
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