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Welcome to the Group where your ideas matter; Where talent, determination and dedication are rewarded and where, we hope, you will consider building your career; Welcome to Triangle.


At Triangle, our objective has always been to create a dynamic, flexible and successful Group. We are a Group that values Team work, Integrity, Excellence and Commitment.


By sticking to these core values over the past years, we have built a truly exceptional organization that has achieved great commercial results. We have built a fantastic place to work and gained consistent recognition as one of Egypt's best, and most innovative, Groups to work for.

However, we do not rest on our laurels. We continue to innovate and accelerate our expansion into new markets in the Gulf, East Africa and Europe. Join us and enhance your career within a hugely successful and growing Group.


Mohamed El Tawil


Explore yourself and Achieve with Triangle

A job at Triangle is unlike any other you’ve had. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be proud. Because whatever your job is here, you’ll be part of something big.


Every detail matters

Every service we provide. Every product we sell. Every taste we deliver. Every “How can I help you?”
And this doesn’t matter just some of the time. It matters all the time. That’s how we provide, sell or deliver things at Triangle. The result is some of the best services and products in the Region.


Simplicity isn’t simple

Ask anyone here. It’s hard work. It means forever asking, “Why is it this way?” and “How can it be better?” It means rethinking every experience until the clutter has fallen away — until all that remains is what’s essential and useful. That might be a new service line, or a product that satisfies client needs.


Creativity from every corner

When you imagine work processes at Triangle, at first you may not picture someone in human resources, operations or finance. But we expect creative thinking and solutions from everyone here, no matter what their responsibilities are. Innovation takes many forms, and our people seem to find new ones every day.

Our recruiters are out and about in countless networks, communities and campuses. If you really want to get a feel for Triangle culture, interact with our recruiters. They're dialed into the hottest opportunities globally for Triangle, and they're on the same social networks you are:


We're always tweeting about new job opportunities, exciting things happening in the office and maybe even what we had for lunch. You'll find updates from our recruiting teams, hiring managers, recent hires and our high-octane interns.


Check out the company's latest news and find recently announced job opportunities. While you're there, connect with our recruiting teams on our official Triangle Group Page.


Connecting with you, where you want to connect, is important. We're proud to have the first Google+ employment brand page where you can learn more about our company, culture and vision by engaging with our recruiters using chat, and posted videos and updates.

Have a question? We're here to help. Here are the three steps to Triangle's hiring process:

Step 1: Apply

Once you've identified an opportunity of interest, we invite you to submit your profile online. Following your submission, a member of our internal recruitment team will review your credentials against the requirements for the role you've expressed interest in. You will then be contacted regarding next steps.

Step 2: Assess

At Triangle, we offer various options for two-way communication during the hiring process. Depending on the role, location and timeliness, we may initiate our dialogue with you via telephone, Web cam interview or through a traditional in-person interview. We recognize an interview should serve a mutual benefit. We invite your questions.

Step 3: Offer & On-boarding

It's decision time. Our team works equally hard to ensure the right hiring decision is made for you and Triangle. Offers are extended live via telephone or in-person from a member of our internal team. If you are not selected for a particular role after your interview, you have the right to communicate with one of our members for feedback.

Once you've accepted an offer at Triangle, you will receive additional details about your on-boarding experience including access to our online human resources portal (It includes our policies, procedures and activities).
Prior to your start you will be in a full induction program that covers every work aspect you may need.

Consider the following when developing your resume:

1. Position the most relevant points first that are most apt to be read.
2. Highlight strengths most relevant to the specific job opportunity and role.
3. Use action words that will make your resume stand out.
4. Call attention to your achievements by including results and supporting data versus an exhaustive list of responsibilities.
5. Your main selling points should be clear and easy to review.
6. Use bullet points with short sentences to structure the body of your resume.
7. Font size should be no smaller than 10 point and the length should not exceed 2 pages.
8. Update your resume frequently to ensure your most recent accomplishments are captured.

Success at Triangle companies and subsidiaries is around a set of competencies:

- Client Focus.
- Team Work.
- Innovation.
- Commitment to the Organization.
- Quality Orientation.
- Continuous Improvement.
- Business Planning.
- Execution.
- Decision making.
- Leadership.
- Industry Knowledge.
- Strategic Thinking.

These competencies apply to all employees based of their level. During your interview, you will be asked to provide specific examples of your academic and professional accomplishments that are aligned with these competencies.
While we cannot disclose exactly what will be covered, we can provide a few helpful tips to apply during your interview:

Be Yourself

Not everyone can survive and thrive in every environment. This is why the overall fit between you and the organization is so important. The interview will give us both a chance to examine this fit and help to ensure a successful relationship. The interview will be most effective if you are yourself, speak with truth and candor and show your personality.


Know Our Business

Since Triangle is a huge Group serving different fields and providing several products and services, we'll expect you to know a little about our products and services. In addition, we encourage you to become familiar with our industry, the challenges we face, and the competitive landscapes in which we operate. A great place to start is by reviewing history, latest news and about Triangle.
Triangle's divisional websites Gama, OTEC, Tricom Controls and TFS will also be helpful.

Display a Passion

Passion is one key characteristic that makes our employees successful. Not just a passion for our products, services and industry, but a passion for learning, growing and winning. What are you passionate about and how can you leverage that passion to be successful at Triangle? Tell us.

Interview Us

You're in the process of making a decision that will impact your career for many years to come. Take this opportunity to ask questions about Triangle.
Ask us questions that are important to you.
We're passionate about our business and more than willing to share our insights to help you make the best decision.

Establish a Long-Lasting Relationship

Regardless of whether you receive or accept an offer of employment, use this as an opportunity to begin building lasting relationships with our organization. You'll meet exciting and knowledgeable people to expand your professional network. Take advantage of it.

We always look for talented and motivated people, and bring out the best in them. Come be a part of our winning team and do not hesitate a moment to place your resume.