Triangle Group began as small collective of companies specializing in representation, consulting and investments. The Group is owned by the Tawil family, which started its business in Egypt as early on as 1810 and is considered one of Egypt’s most deeply rooted business families. Nationalized in 1962 by Nasser, the Tawil family reestablished its businesses in 1970, which would mark the beginnings of Triangle Group.

Under it’s umbrella, Triangle Group comprises 17+ companies that specialize in an array of business lines that include Oil & Gas, Aviation, Maritime, Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy.

Built on a foundation of multi talented human expertise, Triangle Group’s diverse business lines compliment one another and serve as its internal building blocks, with each business line and function directly and indirectly capitalizing on the resources present within the Group to sustain its continued growth.

Today, Triangle Group is seen as a local powerhouse, with major undertakings in a number of private sector and national projects. Continuing in its tradition of sustainable expansion, the Group continues each year to review and update its internal systems and processes to ensure it is ahead of the curve in maintaining excellence in its operations and its positive impact on the community. Coupled with its pioneering human resources and its ongoing acquisition of the best talents the Egyptian market has to offer, Triangle Group is on firm footing to become a leader in its chosen fields of business.