The Company started as a family business with a setup that was considered to be a home by all employees. Such environment created a very high level of commitment and sense of belonging. This initial small scale organization was limited in scope but was successful financially, and because of the presence of a visionary leader, the company was open to opportunities, always seeking growth and expansion.

The company was supported and protected by a set of core values that kept its identity and enabled it to persist and succeed in the ever changing market. Resilience in the face of difficulties, and insistence on success and growth was one of those core values that are still surrounding and protecting the internal culture of the company until today.

As a result of the dedication and the effort put, the company today is bigger, wider in scope, and more successful financially. Diversity in scope and variety of activities enabled such success to take place. Today, the company possesses very strong drive and positive energy because of the quality and characteristics of its employees. The company has also numerous ventures and market opportunities that can be pursued and cultivated in many different directions. The team who is responsible for such growth is “young at heart”, driven by dedication to success, and willing to take risks.

However, it is realized that this growing organization is dependant on a few individuals who are making the effort to sustain its success. It is also realized that the current structure is incomplete and will not take the Company to its full potential. The future is promising but the vision is not very clear and there are challenges and hurdles to be crossed. Such challenges will be met with a growing resilience and insistence on success.

The Company will move forward towards its full potential with the help of knowledge, information, and technology, always guided by its code of ethics and core values. It will be built on a strong foundation of systems and procedures to enable sound and sustainable growth. People are the main asset and will be the building blocks of the future success.

The Company will stay conscious to its social responsibilities and the welfare of the community, contributing in any way it can to the society. It will always need a visionary who looks further into the future and guide its direction.

For all of the above, the Company will be recognized as a powerful player in the market and will be respected by all who come across to deal with it for its strength, success, and the added value it brings. Throughout this ongoing journey of success and growth, the Company will always be considered “home” for those who belong to it.