From early on, Triangle Group began its evolution into a modern and dynamic corporation, managing a solid portfolio of leading businesses in sectors spanning Technology, Aviation, Transportation and Oil & Gas.

Building on our solid track record at home, we have successfully expanded our business overseas. Today, we serve a continuously growing regional client base with top class innovative products and services.

Our success as an organization is derived from our ability to identify business opportunities at home and abroad, and to capitalize on them by applying the right combination of local expertise and global partnerships.

Today, several world-class organizations partner with Triangle Group to enter and compete successfully in strategic regional markets.


Our added value as a local partner lies in our vast resources of technical expertise and local market knowledge and a solid reputation built over decades of serving customers in Egypt and the region.

We strive for innovation and consistent quality across our portfolio of products and services we offer. In Egypt, our leadership in dynamic sectors such as Information Technology and Telecommunications are a testimony to Triangle’s ability to develop its offerings in line with the rapid advancements in technology and the ever-evolving needs of customers.

Despite our rapid expansion, we have never lost sight of the core values our business was built on. We strive to earn our customers’ business and their loyalty in each one of the diverse sectors we operate in.

As we continue to move forward, we do so in the knowledge that Triangle Group’s reputation for integrity is our most critical asset and the bridge between our past and our future.

Mohamed El Tawil